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From harinair <>
Subject Re: Camel HTTP producer successful on 404?
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 16:21:15 GMT

Thanks a lot, Hadrian and Wilem.

In my case, I have to transfer data to an external consumer using HTTP/HTTPS
Post. The producer works well for this case. However my requirement is to
try redelivering(with exponential backoff) for any errors including 404 and
500 since it may be a case of consumer's server being down.

I am using something like this:

in this the header address contains something like

Now the problem is I find that the HTTP component will not even try
redelivering for 404 and 401. It acts as if it is a successful transport. I
understand that I can check whether the delivery has failed or not. I found
out from HTTP producer code I am even able to check the response code by
looking at the http.responseCode header (Probably we should update HTTP
Component doc - I can help). But how can I make Camel try redelivering these
404/401 messages?

I am sorry if I am not explaining it properly. Since I am pretty new in
Camel, probably I am blabbering something that is totally off mark.

Thanks in advance.
Hari Gangadharan

Hadrian Zbarcea wrote:
> Hi,
> To add to Willem's comment, there is no point in retrying for 404 for  
> example, but it makes sense to retry for codes like 500.  That means  
> that we have to enhance the camel-http component to create 2 classes  
> of errors and apply the error handle for some, but not for others.   
> This is depended on the cleanup in CAMEL-316 that will only be fully  
> resolved in the next release, and only partially (we hope) in 1.5.
> Thanks for riding the camel,
> Hadrian
> On Sep 26, 2008, at 4:00 AM, Willem Jiang wrote:
>> Hi ,
>> Current HTTP producer will not retry if the response is 401/404/500.
>> It just put the response back in the fault message body and it will  
>> not trigger the default error handler[1] for retring.
>> Your application code should call exchang.isFailed() for checking  
>> the fault response.
>> For the Camel 1.5 , we are planing to cut a RC next week. I don't  
>> think camel-http 1.5-SNAPSHOT can work with camel-core 1.4, since  
>> they are some change between the core and http component in Camel 1.5.
>> We are publishing the snapshot every day here[2], please take a try :)
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> Willem
>> harinair wrote:
>>> Willem:
>>> Thanks a lot for the quick reply. So you mean to say that the latest
>>> SNAPSHOT will mark response != 200 as failed - right? I guess, that  
>>> also
>>> means there will be retries by HTTP producer for 500 / 401/ 404 etc.
>>> If that is the case then it is great. When is the 1.5 release  
>>> planned? I am
>>> planning to go live this week for a small project and I uncovered  
>>> this bug
>>> on a test. Is 1.5 fairly stable? Or is it recommended that I use  
>>> just the
>>> camel-http component from the 1.5-SNAPSHOT?
>>> Regards,
>>> Hari Gangadharan
>>> willem.jiang wrote:
>>>> I just did a fixe on CAMEL-807[1] which relates your issue.
>>>> Now we will put the response into the fault message if the  
>>>> response is not 200.
>>>> You can know it when you call the exchange.isfailed().
>>>> Please check out the latest snapshot and feel free to add your  
>>>> feed back.
>>>> [1]
>>>> Willem

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