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From cmoulliard <>
Subject Re: Idea : Merge Apache Cxf project with Camel
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 12:48:31 GMT

This post will not at all solved the debate concerning this architectural
question about integrating or not the bus but are you sure that you simplify
the life of an architect/developer when you must understand so many
different bus in order to design a project based on CxF, Camel and/or
servicemix ?

I agree with you that this is the strenght of the opensource community to
propose interesting solutions with lot of capabilities but at the end, when
you have to convince an executive or someone from infrastructure team, do
you think that they will support a solution based on 2/3 different bus. 

If I compare the Camel/Cxf versus Mule/CxF approach, I see that CxF is
better integrated into Mule than Camel and removed a part of the complexity
liked to the addressing/security and manipulating the message.

Kind regards,


willem.jiang wrote:
> Ah, It's long history for the Camel, CXF and ServiceMix integration.
> First , each project didn't think about merge together when they did the 
> architecture work, even you can find some common similar component here. 
> But if you want one of project integrate with other project you need to 
> follow a certain rule. That is why we integrate Camel and ServiceMix 
> with CXF by implementing CXF transport API,  we have the CXF BC and CXF 
> SE for ServiceMix , camel-cxf component for Camel,  servicemix-camel 
> component for ServiceMix.
> I don't know how much work will be do , if we merge the common module 
> together. But it must be a huge reconstruct work.
> Second, each project should work on their own. When we talk about Camel, 
> CXF and ServiceMix merge, we should also know each project solving the 
> partial  problem, and we alway want them do their best work by them self.
> I don't see much convinces, if these project share a same basic 
> component together.
> Any thought?
> Willem
> Christian Schneider wrote:
>> I would even go further and say:
>> Could Camel, CXF and Servicemix share a common bus? This could be part 
>> of perhaps Servicemix core or another basic module and the other 
>> projects could build upon this.
>> Of course this should not make cxf and camel dependent on servicemix 
>> in whole. It should be as small as possible.
>> The camel integration with cxf works very well but it does not remove 
>> the fact that both implment their own bus components. Still these 
>> components are quite similar. So I see some good
>> oportunity for synergies.
>> Greetings
>> Christian
>> cmoulliard schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm investigating CxF project. During the reading of their documentation
>>> (,

>>> I discovered that CxF use an internal bus to send messages over HTTP, 
>>> JMS,
>>> ... My question is perhaps stupid but why don't we merge Cxf project 
>>> with
>>> Camel in order to avoid that both projects continue to develop their 
>>> ESB bus
>>> separetely ?
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