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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: activeMQ - Camel integration example
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 05:20:08 GMT
Hi Andreas

Welcome onbard the Camel.

Camel is embedded in ActiveMQ however it's version 1.3 AFAIR.

Camel has support for most of the EIP patterns:

And what you are looking for with "dynamic queues" can be archived with the dynamic recipient
list pattern:

Ad 1)
Yes you can extend RouteBuilder to define your routing in Java code.
You can also using spring XML style instead, however the Java code is more powerful.

Ad 2 + 3)
I am not 100% sure but I got the impression that its very easy. Just deploy your Camel application
as a .jar/.war or whatever.

Let James or some of the ActiveMQ experts answer these questions. Maybe we need it the answer
added to a FAQ ;)

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-----Original Message-----
From: Andres Rangel [] 
Sent: 21. august 2008 19:02
Subject: activeMQ - Camel integration example


We are currently studying the possibility of using Camel for our jms

I am a little bit confused.

What we want is to have the Camel routing code in the same activeMQ


I ran the example that comes with ActiveMQ 5.1, where  all messages
going to example.A get routed to example.B .


I want to go further and be able to route based on conditions, to a
dynamic queue (read from memory).

So as you see I need to be able to "include" a java class to handle this

Problems so far:

1.       I have tried coding a class extending the RouteBuilder, but
still is not clear how will I route to dynamic queue based on the
content (I use body() right?)

2.       How do I modify the activemq.xml file so that this class is
registered and used for the routing?

3.       Do I need to add the my class to a camel context or that wil be
done automatically by ActiveMQ?


Thanks for your help, I know how to do this routing using standard JMS
code, but will really like to be able to use Camel.


Please forgive me if this is too simple or basic, as I  am a newbie .




Andres Rangel

Sw Engineer


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