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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: camel-cxf async processor w/in-out mep using jms transport
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 01:54:35 GMT
Hi Ron,

After digging the code ,  CXF's JMS transport[1] 
conduit.handleResponse()[2] will block the thread when it waits for the 
In camel-jms[3]  which can be used as camel-transport for CXF[4], the 
template takes care of the message receiving work  and the main thread 
uses future (JmsProducer.process()[5])to correlates the request and 

There is no much difference between the CXF's JMS transport and 
camel-jms from the camel-cxf side, since the calling thread is blocked 
when it waits for the response whether it uses future or not.



rgavlin wrote:
> Hi Willem,
> Let me try to rephrase my question.
> When camel-cxf sends its in-out jms request to an external service, does it
> lock that thread while it waits for the reply? Or is the incoming request
> thread released and another pool of threads used to monitor the temporary
> replyTo queue and automatically correlate the request/response before
> returning the message exchange to the caller? I believe the smx-cxf-bc async
> provider does the latter which is my desired behavior. Does camel-cxf
> provide similar functionality? If so, how would it be configured?
> - Ron
> willem.jiang wrote:
>> Hi Ron,
>> I went through the unit test in SM-1413, it only shows how to invoke the 
>> service with ServiceMix client API.
>> Since camel-cxf component only interact with SMX by servicemix-camel 
>> component, camel-cxf can't see any ServiceMix client invoke.
>> If you want to invoke the external web service by using jms transport in 
>> camel-cxf , you just need to set the transport factory to jms.
>> There is a unit test[1] in camel to show how to use camel transport in 
>> CXF , please check it out .
>> [1] 
>> The configuration files
>> [2] 
>> Willem
>> rgavlin wrote:
>>> I currently use a servicemix-cxf-bc "provider" to asynchronously send an
>>> in-out mep to an external web service using the jms transport. See
>>> for a test that
>>> demonstrates this capability.
>>> I would also like to use the camel-cxf component in a similar fashion.
>>> Does
>>> camel-cxf provide an asynchronous processor to send an in-out mep to an
>>> external web service using the jms transport? If so, how is this
>>> configured?
>>> Thanks,
>>> - Ron

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