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From RobMMS <>
Subject SEDA with Apache Camel
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2008 13:50:10 GMT

Hi there,
I've got a few questions regarding SEDA and the SEDA Component in Apache
Camel, because we want to convert our current architecture into a SEDA-based
one, using Apache Camel. Since I'll probably going to do this as my diploma
thesis, I'm not yet that deep into Camel and especially Spring, so please
excuse if i might ask some "stupid" questions ;-)

So what we're planning to do is to have multiple stages where we want to do
some processing. These stages should actually be Spring Beans. We want to
link those processing steps/stages event based (-> SEDA). Here is where
Camel comes in.

So, first question is: is it possible to do something like
where MyProcessingBean is our Spring Bean used as a processor?

Next question is, how is the internal seda processing actually done, because
for me, the seda-component looks like some kind of black box, where i can
just define a size parameter for the queue. 
As far as I know about seda each stage should consist of the following:
- Incoming Event Queue (which can be sized by the size-parameter?)
- Admission Controller
- Dynamically sized Thread Pool
- Event Handler (this would be the processor?)
- Ressource Controller

Do these components really exist here, so i can control them, maybe even
through Java DSL? or do I have to implement them on my own? and if so how
could/should I do that?

So being concrete, is it possible to (dynamically) change the queue size
and/or to restrict access to the queue and do some handling to those events
being rejected? (this is what the Admission Controller would do). 
Is it possible to notify a Ressource Controller about the queue size, so
that he could react by, e.g. increasing the Thread Pool?

Or is this just done internally by the SEDA-component, and I actually don't
have to concern about that?
Would it be possible override default behaviour? (i.e. to override the

I hope my issues have somewhat become clear, and i'd really appreciate some
information about that.

thx alot,

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