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From dkozic <>
Subject RE: Marshaling jdbc output with xstream
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 09:01:16 GMT

I have added custom debugProcessor and turn on debugger.
Splitter works fine. It splits ArrayList of HashMap to one HashMap (jdbc
returns one row). It is OK. Before marshaling body is HashMap. After
marshaling body is byte[0]. 
Finally I have found solution. I have added wstx-asl-3.2.3.jar to my
classpath (I am not using maven ) and everything works fine.

In the meantime I found csv marshaler. Very nice. I like Camel more and more
every minute :clap:

Claus Ibsen wrote:
> Hi
> I will try to simplify my route at first to try to pin point the problem. 
> You can also try to use the "trace" feature of Camel
> as it would show the execution flows.
> However make the route more simpler. Also in your route you send to
> "seda:whcLog" twice. And maybe that confuses you.
> What do you expect it to do? = What is the correct solution to your
> problem?
> You can also add a .process() where you can add you own java code and use
> debugger or system.out to be sure the data you are looking for is there.
> Also make sure the split is doing what it should correctly. Have you tried
> to check the result of the split is correct?
> Bottom line: Dig a big more, make it a bit simpler and you will find the
> problem. But don't hesitate to ask again here.
> Glad you are trying it out and hopefully will get a solution to it. At
> least Camel gives you at the end the power of pure Java where you can do
> what ever you want, so you are not stuck in some kind of "limit".

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