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From "Vadim Chekan" <>
Subject Re: MS SQL Message Service endpoint
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 19:45:26 GMT
Ok, I managed to receive MS Service Borker messages from sql server. Like this:
			setBody(constant("declare @h uniqueidentifier; declare @str
nvarchar(4000); receive top(1) @h=conversation_handle,
@str=message_body from Aspcust1LogQueue; if @h is not null begin; end
conversation @h; select @str as body; end")).

So what I do from now?
Ideally i'd like to have it like this:

But apparently jdbc component offers only producers endpoint. As Claus
advised I used "timer" trick (see above).
I thought that I can create 2 routes:
route 1: timer->jdbc
route 2: jdbc->activemq
but I got the same problem: in the second route jdbc can not create a
consumers endpoint.
So the question is: how to consume a message from jdbc component if it
does not offer consumers endpoint?

I looked at components\camel-jdbc\src\test\java\org\apache\camel\component\jdbc\
and it contains code that sends a message "manually" to a queue with
jdbc route and the the code extracts "out" message from exchange. I'm
scratching my head how to hook it up to the camel (not junit)


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