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From "Vadim Chekan" <>
Subject RE: MS SQL Message Service endpoint
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 19:33:24 GMT
Here is my progress:
First of all it complained about DriverManagerDataSource class so I've
downloaded spring-jdbc-2.5.1.jar and put it to lib/optional
Now I'm getting
Caused by: org.apache.camel.NoSuchEndpointException: No endpoint could be found
for: jdbc:msServiceBroker
        at org.apache.camel.util.CamelContextHelper.getMandatoryEndpoint(CamelCo

My configuration is:
   <camelContext id="camel"
		   <from uri="jdbc:msServiceBroker" />
		   <to uri="activemq:aspcust1" />

	<bean id="msServiceBroker"
		<property name="driverClassName" value="net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver"/>
		<property name="url"
		<property name="username" value="****"/>
		<property name="password" value="****"/>

I thought that it it the way this thing works: after jdbc uri you
specify a bean, but apparently I got it wrong. I'm trying to define
endpoint explicitly now withing camel context.
Any help please?

BTW: there is an error in schema location in default configuration
file: does
not exist. I had to change it to to make
my Visual Studio hints working ;)

>From RFC 2631: In ASN.1, EXPLICIT tagging is implicit unless IMPLICIT
is explicitly specified

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