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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: Question about XMPP/Smack API/auto-reconnection
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 04:12:13 GMT
Hi Michael

About the ETA:
As we are on the break of releasing a Camel 1.4 I don't think any new features will make it
in. So any ETA is at the earliest in Camel 1.5.

Please fill in a JIRA request for this important improvement

And as we love contributions, the chance is higher that it will be fixed in Camel if people
submit patches or vote on issues.

So if you fancy you could give it a go, or do some digging and comment on the JIRA ticket
so we are in a better position to upgrade to the new 3.x API.

Med venlig hilsen
Claus Ibsen
Skovsgårdsvænget 21
8362 Hørning
Tlf. +45 2962 7576
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From: Michael Kahn [] 
Sent: 2. juli 2008 23:43
Subject: Question about XMPP/Smack API/auto-reconnection


I have been attempting to test the XMPP endpoint with Camel 1.3.0.  I
see that it uses the Smack 2.2.1 API, and is not 100% (drop-in)
compatible with the smack 3.x API.  The problem is that the 2.2.1 API
does support the auto-reconnect feature (connect() and disconnect()
methods) that the 3.x API does, and so if the XMPP connection goes
down after your camelContext.start(), attempts to route will just
throw an exception until you restart the process.

Are there any plans to switch to Smack 3.0.x in order to support
automatic reconnects? If so, what's the ETA?



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