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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Using Apache Camel as Transport for Apache CXF with SOAP over JMS
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 04:38:43 GMT

Woo, You show me lots of issues and patches in one mail. It will take a 
time for me to digest them ;)

First I should thank you for chosing the CXF and Camel.

I' will head to the CamelDestination error first, but I can't get the 
project for the url that your mentioned in the mail.
Can you show me the spring configuration file that you use?

BTW, You can fill the JIRA[1] if you think that is a bug of camel.



Eduard Hildebrandt wrote:
> Hello all,
> first of all I'd like to thank you for you good work. I'm really
> enjoying working with Apache Camel.
> I'd like to use Apache CXF with Apache Camel as transport and trying
> to implement a webservice using SOAP over JMS. I'm thinking that I
> identified some bugs in Apache Camel.
> ISSUE #1:
> First of all I tried to implement a CXF webservice _client_ using
> Apache Camel as transport.
> My code runs into a org.springframework.jms.MessageFormatException
> (see attached stacktrace1.txt). According to JMS API Specification the
> operation "getObjectProperty" supports only primitive values (see
> It's
> not allowed to put an object of type java.lang.reflect.Method using
> this method.
> I pached this bug (see by converting all
> non-primitive objects to a string. It's working now but the author of
> the CXF component should really rethink if it's really necessary to
> put all the unimportant header properties inside the message. Other
> more important header properties like "SoapAction" are missing
> instead.
> In case you like to reproduce this issue, you can find my sample
> project at
> This project is configured to use TIBCO as JMS-Server. But you can use
> ActiveMQ as well.
> ISSUE #2:
> The next issue was that the JMS-Components creates JMS-Messages based
> on the object type. For example:
> 221 if (body instanceof String) {
> 222   return session.createTextMessage((String)body);
> 223 }
> 224 if (body instanceof Serializable) {
> 225    return session.createObjectMessage((Serializable)body);
> 226 }
> The CXF-Component puts an InputStream on the camel exchange:
> 165 ex.getIn().setBody(outputStream.getInputStream());
> For the JMS-Compontent it's an object type Serializable for this
> reason it creates an JMS-ObjectMessage. But this is not the expected
> behaviour of my service. I'm using SOAP over JMS and like to create a
> JMS-TextMessage because the content is XML.
> I solved this issue by implementing an own Processor and converting
> the message content on camel exchange to a string (see
> I think the better solution will be if the JMS
> component allows to configure the JMS-Message-Type and/or the CXF
> component puts an String to the camel exchange.
> Now my client was sending correct requests (except the missing
> "SoapAction" property). But this was not the end of the journey…
> ISSUE #3:
> The next issue was that the response message could not be associated
> with the CXF service because the CXF context was missing. I pached
> this (see by adding following line in
> 170 exchange.setProperty(CxfConstants.CXF_EXCHANGE, outMessage.getExchange());
> After adding this line the response could be processed correctly.
> However I'm not really sure if this is the right place for this and it
> should be reviewed by the original author.
> My client was working now. Hura! :-)
> Next I wanted to implement the server side implementation of the
> service as well with Apache CXF and Apache Camel as transport.
> But now I'm stuck on a NullPointerException at
> org.apache.camel.component.cxf.transport.CamelDestination.activate(
> (see stacktrace2.txt). The reason is that CamelTransportFactory does
> not have a CamelContext even if I configure it in my spring
> configuration. I think that CXF is using an own spring context and
> does not use (or does not see) my camel context configuration.
> Maybe I'm doing something wrong… Maybe a developer who is more
> familiar with Apache CXF and Apache Camel can have a look at it. You
> help is very appreciated.
> Thank you very much!
> Many greeting from Germany.
> Best regards,
> Eduard Hildebrandt
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