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From Drew McAuliffe <>
Subject RE: Overall notes on FTP/SFTP component
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 01:09:21 GMT

I think it's based on 1.3, though some of the 1.4 changes to the file
connector are incorporated. Specifically, there was a problem in 1.3 with
the file connector where an error wouldn't remove the lock file. I based the
async code block on the 1.4 file connector and how it handles deleting
files. I think. It's been a while since I looked at it.

Do you know specifically what changes were made to the ftp connector in the
latest 1.4?

Claus Ibsen wrote:
> Hi Drew
> Have you based your work on Camel 1.4-SNAPSHOT or Camel 1.3?
> We have somehow improved the FTP part in Camel 1.4.
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> From: Drew McAuliffe [] 
> Sent: 28. juni 2008 03:26
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> Subject: Overall notes on FTP/SFTP component
> I've been doing some pretty extensive work with the FTP/SFTP connectors
> over
> the past month and wanted to post some of my impressions. I've been
> working
> on CAMEL-570 and will be posting some changes to that issue related to
> auto-delete functionality on the component. But here's a list of issues
> I've
> been accumulating over time:
> Problems with SFTP/FTP connector
> 1. No provision for deleting files when read; I added this (see
> CAMEL-570).
> 2. Confusing which properties require "consumer." prefix and which don't,
> in
> documentation. For example, use of "setNames" is incorrect because it
> requires "consumer.", though the documentation shows it without.
> 3. Checking lastPollTime should be turned off when using autoDelete (or
> similar function). I added this in the patch submitted to CAMEL-570. I ran
> into problems because my FTP server (CrushFTP) wouldn't return seconds in
> last modified time, so file was never checked. Not sure if that's a
> problem
> just with CrushFTP or in how FTPClient gets last modified time.
> 4. SFTP connector "file" property has to be set using full path or else it
> doesn't work. For example, if the user's home directory is "/home/myuser",
> and you're polling a directory called "pollMe", the docs lead you to
> believe
> that this should work:
> s
> And it does work for ftp, just not for sftp. You actually need to do the
> following on SFTP:
> s
> Part of the problem with SFTP may be that there don't appear to be any
> unit
> tests with SFTP, only with FTP, which may be a limitation of the test FTP
> server (apache ftpserver).
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