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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: Overall notes on FTP/SFTP component
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 15:56:47 GMT

Do you mind creating a JIRA ticket for the FTP issue with:
- should not poll the file before the file has been fully transferred.

Camel should support different strategies for this
- done file (eg. the producer create a 2nd done file when the transfer is complete) 
- lock file (eg. the producer creates a .lock file so we know we shouldn't poll the file before
the lock file is deleted by the producer)
- timestamp/size not changing (checking the timestamp of the file and that it hasn't changed
for the last xxx minutes etc.)

Anyone knows of other strategies that are well used?

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From: borgel [] 
Sent: 30. juni 2008 17:40
Subject: Re: Overall notes on FTP/SFTP component

I tested 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT today and created a route from file to ftp. This
worked very well, but i noted two issues:
1. It had problems with folders. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't
2. When putting large files in the watched folder it started working on the
file before it was complete. This resultet in error and I didn't find a way
to set the delay and initialDelay properties.

Drew McAuliffe wrote:
> I've been doing some pretty extensive work with the FTP/SFTP connectors
> over the past month and wanted to post some of my impressions. I've been
> working on CAMEL-570 and will be posting some changes to that issue
> related to auto-delete functionality on the component. But here's a list
> of issues I've been accumulating over time:
> Problems with SFTP/FTP connector
> 1. No provision for deleting files when read; I added this (see
> CAMEL-570).
> 2. Confusing which properties require "consumer." prefix and which don't,
> in documentation. For example, use of "setNames" is incorrect because it
> requires "consumer.", though the documentation shows it without.
> 3. Checking lastPollTime should be turned off when using autoDelete (or
> similar function). I added this in the patch submitted to CAMEL-570. I ran
> into problems because my FTP server (CrushFTP) wouldn't return seconds in
> last modified time, so file was never checked. Not sure if that's a
> problem just with CrushFTP or in how FTPClient gets last modified time.
> 4. SFTP connector "file" property has to be set using full path or else it
> doesn't work. For example, if the user's home directory is "/home/myuser",
> and you're polling a directory called "pollMe", the docs lead you to
> believe that this should work:
> s
> And it does work for ftp, just not for sftp. You actually need to do the
> following on SFTP:
> s
> Part of the problem with SFTP may be that there don't appear to be any
> unit tests with SFTP, only with FTP, which may be a limitation of the test
> FTP server (apache ftpserver).

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