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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: InvocationTargetException causing code to break
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008 06:50:55 GMT

The easy answer will always be trying to upgrade to the latest stable release. Camel 1.4 is
just about to be released within next week. Only one little issue left.

Since there was a change in Camel 1.1-SNAPSHOT to 1.1 final that changed to the InvocationTargetException
then I assume this is also the case in the newer version. As Camel is build with maven 2 you
can get a dependency report that shows what version is required.

But if you want us to take a look of the problem you probably have to give us some more hints
what is wrong. Camel configuration files, stacktrace logs etc.

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From: karthik_r [] 
Sent: 25. juni 2008 14:34
Subject: InvocationTargetException causing code to break

The current version of camel-core we use in our project is 1.1.0.
Our application distinguishes between business exceptions and system
exceptions. In specific cases of system exceptions - such as the destination
system not currently reachable for some reason - the system must attempt to
reconnect (based on the max number of retries). However, while this used to
work in the earlier version i.e. 1.1-20070831.001709-52,  it doesn't in

Assume the destination system is down. Instead of the usual CORBA COMM
FAILURE, what I get know is an InvocationTargetException. This doesn't allow
the retries to occur. I presume its because the newer camel-core version
uses the java reflection API that wraps an underlying CORBA COMM FAILURE
exception inside an InvocationTargetException. 

At the code level, in the class where we establish a connection to the
destination system, I could catch the InvocationTargetException and using
the getTargetException() I can ensure that the underlying exception is what
gets propagated. However, doing this alone won't help as the process method
in the DeadLetterChannel class - in this case - also fails with an

What should I be doing to get this resolved? Would an upgrade to the latest
version do the trick? If so, what all other associated jar files should I
also be upgrading?


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