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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Spring Integration
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 07:33:44 GMT
2008/2/27 Jon M <>:
>  I had asked a similar question on the Spring Integration forum
>  There appears to be a lot of interest in this topic, but I'm not sure
>  there's "1" easy answer that will generally satisfy everyone given the
>  unique environments involved with each particular usage situation.
>  I'd certainly like feedback from other's on what they see as pros/cons --
>  without any bashing of course :) -- but I've decided just to dig into the
>  source code and start playing.
>  That said, I've found James' blog helpful as
>  well as a presentation he did on Camel a short while
>  ago...
>  I've also found the current Spring Integration reference doc
>  helpful.
>  What I really like about Camel so far is RouteBuilder as well as the large
>  number of currently supported components.  I also really like the helpful
>  mailing list.
>  What Spring Integration is younger and hasn't yet reached 1.0, so far I
>  really like what I see in the source code, the straightforward abstractions,
>  and Mark Fisher's openness and helpfulness.  Working with the SVN repo and
>  Ant/Ivy has also been very nice as I'm not Maven-Converted(TM) yet.
>  For what it's worth, I think both projects look great which makes the
>  decision harder :)

Incidentally Willem has done some great work lately to help integrate
together Camel and Spring Integration...

so users can choose to use the best bits of both frameworks; use SI's
annotations and AOP on beans if you want, or use Camels Components...

and extensive EIP pattern implementations

along with the routing language in Java


or now Scala


Open Source Integration

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