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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: bpm and events planned in Camel !
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 14:42:48 GMT
2008/5/7 cmoulliard <>:
>  Hi,
>  Imagine that you start a ESB/SOA project and you are able to design using
>  EIP the routing that you need for most of your clients (ex : messages file
>  or queue messages must be parsed --> client must be identified --> messages
>  must be transformed --> DB must be called to enrich messages --> messages
>  enriched must be send back to the client through queue manager or file
>  directory). To develop this STP process, you use the Camel routing.
>  Unfortunately, over time, clients request more and more different extensions
>  points (meaning that the routing or workflow of a client is different from
>  another) and your routing becomes very complex because :
>  - lot of decision points have been added to change the routing according to
>  client's requirements,
>  - debugging/testing time increases to be able to tests all the test case or
>  debug problem
>  At that moment, you contemplate to reconsider your architectural platform
>  and to implement a dynamic routing based on the client workflow.
>  But How can I implement a dynamic routing between my components to
>  orchestrate the workflows of my clients ?
>  A solution that you can investigate to implement such a workflow is to use
>  an orchestration engine like WS-BPEL but your architecture does not require
>  to persist state of the tasks and to use webservices.
>  An interesting alternative is to use a workflow engine like jBoss BPM or
>  OSworkflow to orchestrate the communication between services/endpoints.
>  But this approach requires that you have one queue/service because the
>  orchestration engine must place messages into the queues to trigger the
>  correct service or component according to client's workflow.
>  The simplest solution would be to have event to trigger components.
>  Mule platform proposes this kind of functionality
>  (
>  Of course, my question will be simple :
>  Are bpm endpoint (bpm:///) AND events between endpoints planned for Camel
>  like this is proposed within Mule ?

Sure - I think a BPM connector would be a great idea. Particularly for
OSWorkflow / jBPM. Also Drools could help in these complex cases.

Sometimes just using your own Bean with Java code can be much easier
than using a BPM tool btw :) On projects I've often found BPM tools
seem great on day one but cause more and more pain over time until you
end up replacing it :)

But yes for folks who wanna use a BPM tool to help create workflows,
we should support it; it should be pretty easy to add.

BTW you'd be using a database to store each business process and
process instance right? Or do you mean all the workflow processes
would exist purely in RAM?

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