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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Put to queue and continue processing
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 15:51:24 GMT
On 24/04/2008, rauwerdink <> wrote:
>  I'm trying to figure out how to set up a route that will put a message to an
>  activemq queue and will continue processing the rest of route without
>  waiting for the route listening on the activemq queue to complete.  I
>  thought I could accomplish this by doing something like this.
>  from("seda:blah").
>  process(new ProcessorA()).
>  to("activemq:queueA").  // another route is set to pick this up
>  process(new ProcessorB());
>  When I run a message through I don't get to ProcessorB until the route
>  listening on queueA completes.  I was thinking that the
>  to("activemq:queueA") would do a simple put to the queue and then
>  immediately continue on with processing the rest of the route.  Any thoughts
>  on what I'm missing here?

Does the message you are sending to queueA have a JMSReplyTo header?
If so camel by default assumes its an InOut pattern (i.e.

You can configure the endpoint to ignore the JMSReplyTo...


One thing we should maybe do is add an explicit exchange pattern verbs
to the DSL. So you could be more explicit....


i.e. to be explicit about whether or not you want a one way (InOnly)
or request/response (InOut) rather than reply on the component to
deduce the right thing


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