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From "Martin Gilday" <>
Subject Re: Request Reponse with Camel
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 09:57:59 GMT
I've drawn up a rough diagram to try and clear up what I am attempting
to describe.

Here source 2 is a client (at the moment a Struts 2 action) which
performs some rudimentary operations through a Spring based service to
persist incoming data.  It then places a message which is destined for
trade.queue.  This is then consumed by a Spring service bean which
returns details of the trade.  This result should be returned to the
original client (the Struts 2 action).  However a based on the header or
content of the result it should also be placed on other JMS queues. 
This is the snippet I have in my concept so far:

.beanRef("tradingService", "trade")

The problem is that the client does not receive a response.  It seems to
wait until the message placed on some.other.queue4 is consumed.  Then
lots of "Future timed out" exceptions are thrown.

In your previous reply you mention placing onto a named queue/setting
the replyTo header rather than a temp queue.  If I did this I would have
to start correlating messages back to the correct client, which I don't
think I could do if I was going through a Spring remoting proxy.

I have found that my own headers set on the original message are not
maintained along the whole route.  Am I responsible for passing them
along the route myself, or can I say that a header going in to
TradingService should also be an outheader without copying it manually?


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