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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Getting lots of TIME_WAIT sockets
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 11:40:25 GMT
On 24/03/2008, DominicTulley <> wrote:
>  I wasn't able to run quite the test you specified on solaris (no svn or mvn
>  installed), but I ran the tests I've been using with the broker on a solaris
>  10 machine and both a producer and a consumer on a windows machine.
>  I get the same results - hundreds of TIME_WAIT sockets (all localhost ->
>  localhost) on the broker.
>  It's really strange that you don't see this!
>  What OS are you trying on?  Have you modified the tcp_time_wait_interval to
>  be really short?

I tried OS X and Linux. e.g. here's the output on linux mid-way
through the test run when a few hundred messages had been consumed...

$  lsof -i | grep ":61616"
java    25789 jstrachan   20u  IPv6 1820489       TCP
localhost:38073->localhost:61616 (ESTABLISHED)
java    25789 jstrachan   21u  IPv6 1819230       TCP
localhost:61616->localhost:37506 (ESTABLISHED)
java    25789 jstrachan   26u  IPv6 1818559       TCP *:61616 (LISTEN)
java    25789 jstrachan   42u  IPv6 1818581       TCP
localhost:55527->localhost:61616 (ESTABLISHED)
java    25789 jstrachan   43u  IPv6 1818582       TCP
localhost:61616->localhost:55527 (ESTABLISHED)
java    25789 jstrachan   44u  IPv6 1820488       TCP
localhost:61616->localhost:38072 (ESTABLISHED)
java    25789 jstrachan   47u  IPv6 1820490       TCP
localhost:61616->localhost:38073 (ESTABLISHED)
java    25969 jstrachan    6u  IPv6 1820487       TCP
localhost:38072->localhost:61616 (ESTABLISHED)
java    25969 jstrachan    8u  IPv6 1819228       TCP
localhost:37506->localhost:61616 (ESTABLISHED)

The bizarre thing is - the code should only create a single socket &
never create another one - IF - the CACHE_CONSUMER setting is enabled.

I wonder if its worth turning on debug logging and sending the broker
log? I'm wondering if on your windows box sockets are failing alot? Or
maybe its the multicast notifications in the broker causing lots of
sockets to be opened? (Is it worth disabling the multicast discovery?)


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