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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Camel transports in ServiceMix
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 09:05:57 GMT
On 23/03/2008, Robert Thullner <> wrote:
>  Thanks for the reply, I made it working to send messages in the Camel SU
>  directly to a JMS queue and not to a SU. However my problem now is the
>  following:
>  I send JMS TextMessage which contains XML content. When my application
>  receives the message it is not a TextMessage anymore, but an
>  ActiveMQMessage. How can I get the XML content out of the ActiveMQMessage. I
>  tried the getContent() method (see below) but this always returns null. I
>  did not find any example for that.
>  ByteSequence bs = ((ActiveMQMessage)message).getContent();
>  Furthermore the JMSCorrelationId and all other properties are also null when
>  I retrieve it from the incoming message.

Could you post the code you're using to send the message please?
Sounds like something is a bit strange.

FWIW when using ActiveMQ a TextMessage should result in an
ActiveMQTextMessage being sent. If an ActiveMQMessage is received then
that usually indicates an empty body


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