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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Getting messages out of XML-based routes
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 17:38:10 GMT
On 20/03/2008, Aaron Crickenberger <> wrote:
> Willem's solution may get me by for now, although I agree that
>  throwing an exception makes the most sense.  The reason I asked was to
>  see if there was any other commonly accepted solution for this scenario.
>  Throwing an exception will send the message to Camel's default
>  DeadLetterChannel, which will cause the message to be redelivered to
>  myProcessorA at least 5 times.  It stops the message from going any
>  further in the route, true, but it's very noisy, and the message
>  eventually ends up in the log.  Can I customize this behavior via XML?
>  (eg: customize DLC, or intercept the message before arriving there)
>  Last time I checked, this was still a feature not yet ported from the
>  DSL.

I guess another option would be to add some interceptor within a route
to customize things.

e.g. rather than 'fail' mark a message as 'done' or 'not valid' or
something, so normal content based routing can be used without hitting
the error handling code?


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