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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Camel TCP receiver endpoint
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 11:02:53 GMT
Hi Georgios!

On 12/02/2008, georgiosgeorgiadis <> wrote:
> I am quite new to Camel,


> but I will need to use camel for implementing the
> following requirement:
> I will need a component to be listening to a specific TCP port. Do I need to
> have a custom written TCP server which will serve the TCP component, or
> Camel can automatically wrap my component with a Camel TCP listener (server)
> using some type of constructor? For example I have the component:
> public class MyComponent{
>   public void doSomething(){
>   }
> }
> possible Camel TCP wrapper
> Enpoint p  = new CamelTCPEndpoint("localhost",5555,new MyComponent());
> p.start();

So if you have some code to talk to TCP you could easily wrap that as
a Camel component...

> My question is, does something like that exist or do I have to implement my
> own custom TCP servers/ listeners for my components?

If you don't have any TCP code right now you could look to reusing the
MINA component...

which uses MINA for doing the networking - you then just have to
plugin a MINA Codec for dealing with the message payloads...

> The general requirement
> is to have a component which calls a camel sender endpont which connects
> synchronously to a camel receiver TCP endpoint which propages the call to a
> component and send a reply all the way back to the sender, basically loosely
> coupled communication/routing between different environments.
> I am trying to reduce communication implementation to the minimum and just
> use configurations loaded from a file or repository.

That sounds good - you just need to figure out what the protocol is
over TCP - i.e. how you wanna encode messages on the TCP stream.


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