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From "Aaron Crickenberger" <>
Subject Re: How to add attachement
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 14:51:57 GMT
On Jan 16, 2008, at 3:57 AM, borgel wrote:

> Thank you Aaron!
> Sending to ftp now works like a charm :-)
> When sending to e-mail the file was  not attached to the mail, but the
> content of the file was inserted into the body of the mail. Any  
> thoughts on
> this and how to add several attachments to the e-mail?

I'm not too familiar with camel-mail, so someone feel free to correct  
me here, but it doesn't look like mail attachments are currently  
supported.  If you look at in camel-mail, you'll see  
it populates a MimeMessage using setText(), making the assumption that  
a Camel Message body maps to a MIME text/plain body.  I think to  
support attachments, it needs to populate it with a Multipart.

Where I get a little lost is how/where to populate that Multipart.   
The best I can come up with is checking if the Camel Message's body is  
a File, but that doesn't really map to a Multipart, just a Mimepart  
with a different MIME type.

I would probably raise an issue on JIRA for this

- aaron

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