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From sub3 <>
Subject Re: Camel & Sending CXF generated objects
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 13:34:05 GMT

Yes, I know I didn't use camel-cxf component.  But that is only when I want
to hit a web service right?

So I have a wsdl for my order system. The message is
OrderSystemRequestMessage.  Inside that is OrderRequest, inside that is a
list of Order.

Right now, I want to pass around the Order class. Eventually, it will make
it to the web service; but I am not at that point yet.  (It need to verify
the Order, Check Inventory, Assign item, etc).

When I try to pass just the Order class around (using the previous example),
it becomes null.  Like the cxf objects & camel aren't serializing them at
all.  If I create my own Order class (simple class w/a few fields), it works

Is there something I need to do with cxf generated classes so it will work
in camel.


willem.jiang wrote:
> Hi,
> Yes, it looks like you do not use the camel-cxf component.
> I think you start with the CamelJmsToFile example which start an in JVM 
> jms transport.
> If you want to send the messages to this jms endpoint, you need to use 
> the template to send them.
> Willem.
> sub3 wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks for the quick reply.  I am using 1.2.0.
>> I have simplified things greatly & I am still getting null.
>> So on one end, I am sending to through JMS, on the other:
>> 	    context.addRoutes(new RouteBuilder() {
>> 		    public void configure() {
>> 			// set up a listener on the file component
>> 			from("test-jms:queue:PA").process(new Processor() {
>> 				public void process(Exchange e) {
>> 				    Object obj = e.getIn().getBody();
>> 				    System.out.println("OBJ IS: "+obj);
>> 				}
>> 			    });
>> 		    }
>> 		});
>> I don't believe I am using the 'camel-cxf' component.  I am just using
>> some
>> cxf generated objects (no need to hit an endpoint yet, that would be
>> several
>> steps later).  So it might be ActiveMQ making it null, but I don't know. 
>> I
>> guess I need a little direction so I can determine where it is being
>> dropped.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> willem.jiang wrote:
>>> Hi ,
>>> Which version of Camel that you use ?
>>> Can you show me your router configuration code ?
>>> We just fixed some bugs of the camel-cxf component , The recent fix is 
>>> CAMEL-286[1]
>>> [1]
>>> Willem.
>>> sub3 wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I am just starting to learn camel.  I seem to be routing/sending simple
>>>> objects fine.  As soon as I start to use objects generated by cxf's
>>>> wsdl2java, they come across as null.
>>>> What is it about these objects that cause this, and is there a way to
>>>> stop
>>>> it?  I can only assume it has something to do with the way it gets
>>>> serialized.
>>>> Thanks for any help.

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