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From markwolfe <>
Subject RedeliveryPolicy semantics
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 23:30:24 GMT


Currently having a look at camel to receive, transform, and validate some
files prior to uploading to a existing system.

The idea is a system uploads binary data files to a directory which camel
will consume. These files never expire and need to moved through a pipeline
will transform them, do some validation and then transport them to a retro
system using FTP. So far Camel has done an excellent job of doing this. 

However I have run into an interesting dilemma relating to the current
redelivery policy. When we started testing the idea network outages showed
up an interesting issue. As far as I can see it only supports a retry count
being set that defines a count of tries and a couple back off strategies. In
my case however I would like it to try to retransmit until it is delivered.
To test this I have made a small change in the code.

==== START PATCH ====
(revision 608236)
(working copy)
@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@
  * @version $Revision$
 public class RedeliveryPolicy implements Cloneable, Serializable {
+       public static int UNLIMITED_REDELIVERIES = -1;
     protected static transient Random randomNumberGenerator;
     protected int maximumRedeliveries = 6;
     protected long initialRedeliveryDelay = 1000L;
@@ -60,7 +63,14 @@
      * redelivered
     public boolean shouldRedeliver(int redeliveryCounter) {
-        return redeliveryCounter < getMaximumRedeliveries();
+       // infinite retries is represented by UNLIMITED_REDELIVERIES
+       if (getMaximumRedeliveries() == UNLIMITED_REDELIVERIES){
+               return true;
+       } else {
+            return redeliveryCounter < getMaximumRedeliveries();
+       }
     // Builder methods
==== END PATCH ====

Currently this is quite a simple hack. If people see the value of this
change I would be happy to build a couple of tests and add it to Jira.


Mark Wolfe
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