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From "Roman Kalukiewicz" <>
Subject Re: XPath splitter again
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 13:48:59 GMT
> But I am still a little confused as I call the XML toString() method to set
> the text of the TextMessage and I always send TextMessages. Does the
> TextMessage get converted somewhere into an ObjectMessage?

Your TextMessage is only a way of camel endpoint invocation. Just
after received it is converted into camel Message object that contains
String payload. Then this payload is (behind the scene) converted to
XML at splitter (because if you want to use XPath you have to evaluate
it on XML object like DOM Node or SAX InputSource).
This way just after splitter you had 'DeferredElementNSImpl' instead
of String. That is good as if you would like to do something else with
this 'splitted XML' it is already parsed as XML - you don't have to
constantly parse a String and then render it into String.

Hope it helps with your confusion ;)


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