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From "Roman Kalukiewicz" <>
Subject Re: XPath splitter again
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 13:26:50 GMT
2007/12/28, Robert Thullner <>:
> Hi
> XPathBuilder xPathBuilder=new XPathBuilder("//trainSchedule/stops/station");
> from("activemq:queue:camel.train.plan.queue")
> .splitter(xPathBuilder)
> .to("activemq:queue:camel.train.plan.queue.receiver");
> When I now start the consumer, receiver and camelContext, my receiver does
> not receive a TextMessage, anymore but an ObjectMessage. The object in the
> message is an object of the class
> What happened here to my TextMessage? Can it be a problem with my xpath or
> do I need some additional statements so that the receiver get a TextMessage
> again? I think my xpath expression is correct, as the receiver receives the
> correct amount of messages it should receive.

What you have in your message is XML Object - not a String - so
ObjectMessage is sent.

Try to do it this way:


Then activemq endpoint will receive String as a payload and should
create TextMessage instead of ObjectMessage.


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