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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Iona Message Broker - Architecture Question
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:56:28 GMT
On 18/11/2007, jsbournival <> wrote:
> Hello camels!

Hey! :)

> I'm about to lay out an architecture involving Active MQ queueing server
> (Iona FUSE MB), and we need something like the message router EIP.  I
> managed to get in touch with James on the IRC channel, and he told me Camel
> was included (sort of) in the Active MQ distribution.  Good.

FWIW Apache ActiveMQ 5.x and later - and IONA's distribution of
ActiveMQ both come with Camel integrated into the broker (there's an
example EIP pattern inside the activemq.xml) as well as the JMS client
- you can use CamelDestinations with the ActiveMQ client.

>  But then, one
> question popped:  is it recommended to deploy all of our « routing » code
> (DSL routes, beans, etc.) and resources straight in AMQ? Or is it a better
> practice to develop another application (Camel enabled) listening to AMQ and
> performing the routing stuff?
> I'm leaning towards the second solution, but if you would be kind enough to
> share your thoughts and experience on this, I would greatly appreciate.

So its one of those 'it depends' kinda questions. There are pros and
cons to both approaches. I've created a FAQ entry...

any feedback welcome

> P.S.  Maybe a couple of wiki pages could be written explaining how to
> package applications using Camel and AMQ.  Just of suggestion.

Great idea...


Open Source Integration

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