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From dmd <>
Subject Camel based workflow
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 06:17:55 GMT

Hi all,

I saw someone comment on the upcoming integration of Camel into ServiceMix,  I am
curious how Camel compares to Apache ODE (if at all).

For some background, here's the problem I need to solve.  I am building an
order execution system, which receives some kind of complex (financial)
transaction from a user, and then must talk to several endpoints (such as
several exchanges) in order to execute it.  The workflow is asynchronous,
can have exception cases, etc.  And of course it must be fault tolerant, in
the sense that if the execution engine, or an exchange gateway, crashes, it
must be able to restart and retrieve it's state from some durable
transactional store (e.g. RDBMS) and get back on track.

ODE seems to be able to do what I need.  However, I am looking into Camel
because it's nicely integrated with ActiveMQ, which is being used as the
transport between my services, and it seems more lightweight.  However, I
can't tell if it's powerful enough, or expressive enough to solve this
problem with.  I did look at the BAM example,, but so far the bulb has
not lit up.

Lastly, is it the case that the payload of messages must be XML in order to
be interpretable by Camel rules, or could I send serialized Java objects
and/or FIX messages?

Thank you all for your help.


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