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From "Bob G." <>
Subject How camel resolve JNDI End point
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 12:58:04 GMT


I am trying to configure Camel to use JMS end point into Websphere 6.1
(was). My end point cannot be found because of some Spring JNDI lookup

Some question :
-  How do I tell Camel to use my Spring JndiTemplate or
JndiDestinationResolver so that my jms queue will be resolved properly?

In the documentation, it says that Camel uses Spring JmsTemplate. How can I
tell Camel to use my JmsTemplate configured for Websphere?

There is my config: 

	<bean id="camel" class="org.apache.camel.spring.CamelContextFactoryBean">
		<property name="packages" value=""/> 

	 <!-- ?? My JmsTemplate is not injected or Used in any Camel Classes ?? -->
	<bean id="jmsQueueTemplate"        
	  <property name="connectionFactory"
	  <property name="destinationResolver" ref="jmsDestinationResolver"/>
	  <property name="pubSubDomain"> <value>false</value>  </property>
	  <property name="receiveTimeout"> <value>20000</value> </property>

    <!-- JMS Destination Resolver -->
    <bean id="jmsDestinationResolver"     
        <property name="jndiTemplate" ref="jndiTemplate"/>
        <property name="cache" value="true"/>

  <!-- JMS Queue Connection Factory -->
  <bean id="internalJmsQueueConnectionFactory"
	<property name="jndiTemplate" ref="jndiTemplate"/>
    <property name="jndiName"> <value>jms/myConFactory</value>  </property>
  <bean id="jndiTemplate"		class="org.springframework.jndi.JndiTemplate">
		<property name="environment">
			<props><prop key="java.naming.factory.initial">

Thank you. 

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