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From Martin Novák>
Subject Re: Combining patterns
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 16:30:36 GMT
Thanks a lot for pointing this out. However, it doesn't solve my 
problem, because I want to gather the output of a,b,c into one message, 
and send it back to the client. The call (template.send(...)) is 
returned before aggregator can aggregate them, and send them back.


Guillaume Nodet wrote:
> If you want to send messages to multiple destinations, you should
> use multicast(a, b, c)  instead of to(a, b, c).  The latest means that the
> output of a will be sent to b, the output of b to c and the output of c back
> to the consumer.  This is equivalent to to(a).to(b).to(c)
> On 9/18/07, Martin Novák <> wrote:
>> Hello, I have a quite basic problem which I cannot solve. The thing is
>> that I want to send message to couple of services. These services should
>> be invoked from multiple threads because the processing will take quite
>> some time. Then I want to gather, and aggregate the output of the
>> services somehow nicely, and return it to the calling point.
>> I was trying to use seda with combination with aggregator, which worked
>> up to the point that it returned just the first message to the user -
>> before aggregator was able to process the rest. I know that the whole
>> service is asynchronous by my design, but it would be nice to know how
>> to gather the results back...
>> there is an excerpt from my code - just an illustation:
>> from("direct:a").setHeader("splitCount", new Expression() {
>> public Object evaluate(Exchange exchange) {
>>    return 2;
>> }}).to("seda:b", "seda:c");
>> from("seda:b").process(new HeaderSetter("msgCounter",
>> 0)).process(traceProcessor).to("ret:xxx").to("seda:z");
>> from("seda:c").process(new HeaderSetter("msgCounter",
>> 1)).process(traceProcessor).to("ret:xxx").to("seda:z");
>> from("seda:z").aggregator(header("msgId"),
>> aggregationStrategy).to("return:a");
>> Exchange exchange = new DefaultExchange(ctx);
>> exchange.getIn().setBody("<result" + ii + " />");
>> exchange.getIn().setHeader("msgId", "ahojValue" + ii);
>> exchange = template.send("direct:a", exchange);
>> Object body = exchange.getOut().getBody();
>> can somebody advice me what to do please?
>> thanks,
>> Martin

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