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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: CAMEL and ActiveMQ5 - Integration - Progress!
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 14:04:41 GMT
On 8/14/07, DominicTulley <> wrote:
> I'm using the standard bin/activemq.bat script to start it all up.
> I have been popping around between versions 4.1.1 and 5 a bit, but the
> comments are checked against version 5.
> The only possible explanation I have so far is that I compiled my custom
> RouteBuilder against a version of Camel that didn't quite match that which
> is included in 5 (I suppose this could lead to it being filtered out of the
> dynamic loading).  This is possible since I've been juggling camel 1.0,
> camel 1.1, amq 4.1.1 and amq 5.0 source trees and may not have been as
> methodical as I should have.

Hmm - I wonder if the 'extends RouteBuilder' check somehow fails if
you're using an older Camel or something? Am kinda grapsing at straws
now :). AFAIK the RouteBuilder hasn't ever changed package or API...

> However, this occurred to me some time ago and
> I have extracted my source configurations more than once to ensure this
> wasn't the case.  This also doesn't explain the wacky enumeration over URLs
> that I saw in ResolverUtil.
> Is anything known about the CompoundEnumeration class (it's a sun.misc class
> and there doesn't seem to be any source available for it).  As far as I can
> tell, its just an enumeration with no fancy filtering features but perhaps
> that's not true...

No idea!

So sorry this is causing so much pain/confusion! Am hunting around the
code to see if I can get any kind of inspriation to explain this


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