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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Embedded and hidden routing in Camel
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 09:19:20 GMT
On 8/2/07, Punnoose, Roshan <> wrote:
> I want to define my routes and logic in Spring, and I believe I see how
> to do this.


> Is it now possible to intercept all calls to a POJO and have
> it run through the routes that I have specified for that POJO?

Do you mean using Camel routes as a proxy to some service (kinda like

you can do this using the CamelProxyFactoryBean

Or do you mean you want to use Camel purely as an interceptor - called
before the bean is actually called to fire off some arbitrary messages
etc? Kinda like a POJO version of a wire tap

> For example, I want to set up an EJB that calls a Spring injected POJO.
> When the EJB calls the POJO, depending on the method called, Camel will
> route the request to a particular JMS queue. From there, Camel will then
> use routing rules set up for that queue to process and filter and send
> the message to another POJO.

Yeah - I think you just want to create a proxy to the POJO as
described above - this creates the client side stub which would send
the message to some endpoint/route. Then on the server side you'd
consume from some queue and route to the Spring POJO

> I feel like the only thing I am missing is abstracting the Camel routes
> and logic so that I can just call the POJO directly and still have the
> routes applied.

Yeah - right now you either use a client side proxy to fire a message
route; then on the server you consume messages and bind them to POJOs.

We could also add an interceptor which just sends a message to camel
before actually invoking a POJO method.


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