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From DominicTulley <>
Subject Re: CAMEL and ActiveMQ5 - Integration
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 11:30:16 GMT

OK, Here are two jar files.

The names should make it obvious, but one works and one doesn't..

The working one is built using "mvn install" from a copy of the camel-spring
example.  Then, I extract the jar and remove all the guff (pom files, xml
files et c) to prove they are not what's making it work and reconstruct the
jar using the jar -cvf .....

The broken one is compiled and constructed using a batch file (not eclipse)
with the following commands:
del org\dominic\*.class
javac -verbose -classpath
jar cvf MyRouteBuilder.jar org\dominic\*.class

The jar files are pulled out of Maven's repository with the hope that they
are the same ones that Maven uses (but I haven't managed to decipher the
results of mvn -X yet!).

What's left to worry about?  Well, is maven using javac or plexus (I saw
plaxus in the logs but don't know anything about it other than that it looks
like an alternative javac implementation).

I hope this helps!


James.Strachan wrote:
> On 8/15/07, DominicTulley <> wrote:
>> I rebuilt my eclipse projects to be a bit more organised and then it
>> wouldn't work any more.
>> What I have now is that if I set up an example and build it through the
>> maven mechanism that comes with the camel source tree, then I get a
>> working
>> deployment (for instance, if I copy the spring example that works so that
>> I
>> have a working POM file, then replace all the code and resources with my
>> own, then I can build it through maven and get a jar that Camel likes). 
>> If
>> I get some java files, manually compile and jar them, I get a broken jar
>> that won't work...
>> Maven is yet another new tool for me.  Is there a way to see verbose
>> messages (so I can see precisely what commands it's using to build the
>> project)?
> its kinda verbose - but mvn -X does the trick
>> Both methods appear to be using Java 1.5.0_09.
>> Does the maven setup do anything in particular that might be different?
> Not really. I wonder do you have a created-via-eclipse-jar that
> doesn't work for you that you could send us so we can try it out and
> see whats wrong with our eclipse-generated jars?
> The java code is in the jar right? :) I wonder if there's something
> wonky about the manifest or something?
> -- 
> James
> -------

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