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From DominicTulley <>
Subject Struggling to deploy custom RouteBuilder in ActiveMQ 4.1.1
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 13:00:58 GMT

Hi, I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here.

I'm trying to write my own RouteBuilder (java class, extends RouteBuilder)
and then use it within a CamelContext hosted in ActiveMQ 4.1.1.  I've had
"static routing" working using camelcontext elements in activemq.xml but I
can't persuade it to load and configure a RouteBuilder implementation.

So far I have a dead simple RouteBuilder:

package org.dominic

import org.apache.camel.builder.RouteBuilder;

public class DomsRouteBuilder extends RouteBuilder  {
   public DomsRouteBuilder()   {
      System.out.println("\n*\n*\n*\n*\n*\n*\nDomsRouter instantiated");

   public void configure()   {
      System.out.println("*\n*\n*\n*\nConfiguring Route Builder");


I compile this and put it in a jar file which I dump in ActiveMQ's lib

Next I modify activemq.xml and add

  <camelContext id="camel"

After this, I hope to start ActiveMQ and see my strings get printed out but
I see nothing...

I have gone further than this (putting in a proper route that forwards from
one queue to another) but I have cut the example right down for this post
since I believe I have a deployment problem.   Turning on full debugging in
ActiveMQ gives no mention of my class name at all - I'm guessing it just
isn't being picked up for some reason.

I'm using what was the latest 1.1 build (built on 10 August) although I
think a nightly build from today has appeared now.  I could drop down to the
1.0 release if this looks like an issue with 1.1 (I realise it's early days
for 1.1 still) but I do need one of the bug fixes which is in 1.1

Any suggestions gratefully received!


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