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From Nick Outram <>
Subject Re: Exception based routing
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 08:52:01 GMT

James.Strachan wrote:
> I'm wondering about something like...
> // lets setup the error handler first
> onError(MyException.class).maximumRedeliveries(5).onFail().to("seda:c")
> // now lets do the route
> from("foo").to("bar");
> I guess if we define the error handler in the middle of a route we
> might need some kinda escape expression to go back to the 'real route'
> from the error handler route. e.g.
> // this is bad...
> from("foo").
> 	onError(MyException.class).maximumRedeliveries(5).onFail().to("seda:c").
>   to("bar"); // by default this would still be part of the error handler
> maybe something like
> from("foo").
> 	onError(MyException.class).
> 	  maximumRedeliveries(5).onFail().to("seda:c").
> 	onError(Bar.class).
> 	  to("seda:d")
> 	onSucccess().
> 	  to("bar");
> i.e. the onError(Class) stuff starts adding an error route for a
> specific type of exception (which also allows you to configure retry
> policy & the dead letter destination etc)
> Thoughts?

That works too. I particularly like the onError(... construct as it keeps
the configuration of the error handling maxRedeliveries etc. out of the
route definition 'from("foo").to("bar");'.

Not so hot on your second example for the same reason... in-lining the
onError(... mixes routing semantics with configuration and makes the DSL

It also strikes me that the onError(… approach could be further expanded to
handle more generalised matches i.e.

// lets setup the error handler first 

// lets trap any messages with settlement amounts more than £100000
onPattern(xpath("/settlementAmnt >10000”).to(“seda:authorisationRequired”);

// now lets do the route 
from("foo").process(new myEnricher()).to("bar");

The ‘onPattern(…’ would trap matching messages anywhere on the route at
‘node’ transitions; sort of AOP for routing.


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