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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: CAMEL and ActiveMQ5 - Integration
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 12:26:31 GMT
On 7/27/07, veton <> wrote:
> In my quest to have Camel integrate within Activemq, I'm now able to define
> route via xml spring


> but not able to load my RouteBuilder defined in Java.

Damn! Did you tell Camel the package(s) to search for your RouteBuilder?

Using trunk of camel, you add a <package> element inside the <camelContext>

Using 1.0 of Camel you add a packages="" attribute.

> a) Is there a specific path where to put this libraries? (classpath
> definition is not that clear with ActiveMQ)

If you drop your jar in the lib/ directory it should work. We should
be recursively finding all jars inside the lib directory - but I"ve
seen that not quite work in the past so am not sure its true...

> b) Is there a way to see in the logs what routes have been loaded (no clue
> reading the source code, no "trace-enter/exit") or in the future .... a  JMX
> interface ;-D)  ?

We're working on JMX :)

Using the web console shows what JMS destinations are being consumed.
Another option is to turn on debug logging :)


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