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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: FilePolling
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 16:51:19 GMT
On 6/15/07, Ole Andreas Hegle <> wrote:
> Hi There
> I have discovered some issues with the file-component, but I need to
> clear up one thing here.
> Are there any reason why the ScheduledPollEndpoint use the
> "consumer."-prefix on options which go to the ScheduledPollConsumer?
> (initialDelay, delay and useFixedDelay).
> As far as I can se, no other endpoints/consumers use a
> "consumer."-prefix for sorting-attributes. Shall we keep the
> "consumer."-prefix, or shall we move the attributes from
> ScheduledPollConsumer to ScheduledPollEndpoint? What design guidelines
> do you prefer? (If we keep it in the consumer, we must update the
> user-manual on the web)

The reason I separated them out like that was in case the endpoint or
producer had separate properties. Though as an end user, I guess it
kinda sucks :).

The main issue is you create & validate the endpoint; then later on
you create & validate the consumer; which is why I kinda split them up
a bit (so that at each step we can validate the properties used).

It'd be cleaner for end users if we just had a flat properties thing;
but that'd make the possible validation code a tad more complex
(having to check that any remaining properties on an endpoint
parameter map really are destined for a producer/consumer).

If someone can figure out a neat way to solve that so we can add
properties for the producer, consumer or endpoint in a simple way that
also can validate; am really happy to trash the prefix stuff (it was
just the easiest way to get started :)


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