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From Ole Andreas Hegle <>
Subject Re: FilePolling
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 16:02:26 GMT
Hi James

Thank you for your answer.

I have just found the problem, the file-poller worked when i modified 
the file, and it seems to me as the problem is located in and the method

*protected* *void* pollFile(*final* File file) {
    *if* (file.exists() && file.lastModified() > lastPollTime) {
        *if* (isValidFile(file)) {

My files are sent as attachment to a receiver by email, and then 
imported to the system by saving the email-attachment in the folder 
monitored by the FileConsumer. The modified-timestamp will be older than 
the lastPollTime-timestamp, and because of this files will not be 
polled. Are there any way to dissable the file.lastModified-method?
(I move the files to an archive folder when they are processed)

Perhaps I can have another component running and modifying the files to 
change the last modified-timestamp on the files to make them pollable, 
but I would rather not...

Anybody knows what I can do with this?

Regards Ole Andreas

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