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From johnmchalegmailcom <>
Subject [GitHub] camel pull request #2132: Camel 2.11.x
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 09:35:35 GMT
GitHub user johnmchalegmailcom opened a pull request:

    Camel 2.11.x


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull camel-2.11.x

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #2132
commit 5dbe9ce3748de800364dc2d8f6fe738b14c2b888
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-09-29T08:14:59Z

    CAMEL-6781: IntrospectionSupport.setProperty ClassCastException if you have overloaded
methods. Thanks to Franz Forsthofer for the patch.

commit 2176e5885d693e17ec66208e604eff1f9140b55d
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-09-29T08:25:27Z

    CAMEL-6792: Added getMockEndpoint method to not auto create. Thanks to James Carman for
the patch.

commit d4171647265979224f44f6d5beb7ebc96f6c9f9e
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-09-29T10:17:25Z

    CAMEL-6771: Fixed potential concurrency exception in splitter. Thanks to James Carman
for patch.

commit 3e262b41fe9766c0e69ccc2019d9d98727b60f35
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-09-29T10:17:36Z


commit 9bff1ccac5ef8935de01dfda80bb5e82714ab478
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-09-30T08:45:14Z

    CAMEL-6800: Bean language - Having dots in parameters cause bean id lookup problem

commit 3040c83aee0b4fa9b06e8695d8f18ed8eb5cd7d4
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-09-30T10:57:39Z

    CAMEL-6802: Using stopOnException in splitter should not copy result back as we should
preserve original exchange

commit 1d929b1812fccfdedcc05c6a4e3d8b058aba1e48
Author: Babak Vahdat <>
Date:   2013-09-30T14:39:07Z

    Polished the comments a bit.

commit df66110a9018cf333a16a939ec864bd46cd83d23
Author: cmueller <>
Date:   2013-09-30T18:06:54Z

    upgrade testng from 6.8.5 to 6.8.7

commit 83e0e5ca90dfa0c418c7ed54aa3fb5bc93dbc344
Author: cmueller <>
Date:   2013-09-30T18:48:16Z

    fixed CS error

commit 3d93c7fb36addeee9a5bd16f01a76d31b00743f2
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-01T08:37:59Z

    CAMEL-6654: Attachments with null filename should not be allowed. Thanks to Christian
Posta for the patch.

commit 77fb728a4e79536bb46a178ff32853765a4336c8
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-01T09:33:23Z

    CAMEL-6779: StaxConverter: encoding problems for XMLEventReader and XMLStreamReader. Thanks
to Franz Forsthofer for the patch.

commit fb5156065f2d998bad53df59d8e8ca7c8ae66bb1
Author: cmueller <>
Date:   2013-10-01T17:34:49Z

    CAMEL-6240: Http4 component does not support PATCH

commit 4b92dcb83e52e51eecb8c259fa8a966816ac6c07
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-03T10:53:36Z

    CAMEL-6806: Fixed bean component when having 2+ custom annotated methods to not pick the
single non annotated method if exists, but should be ambigious instead. Thanks to Larry Han
for patch.

commit 120a2da3601a2f1b227f8ce6137db90d09b3ed47
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-04T08:56:38Z

    CAMEL-6810: Fixed bean binding using parameter syntax style to eager check for compatible
types, which avoids further type conversions which could cause problems with InputStreams.

commit bd2c3f6d25c7ff80d52071b85596385964c4dc46
Author: cmueller <>
Date:   2013-10-06T20:28:43Z

    CAMEL-6830: Create camel-ical feature

commit 3334a78f66611f688a01f71f086f772152828916
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-07T10:44:19Z

    CAMEL-6790: Fixed camel-blueprint and camel-spring refresh issue can cause namespace handler
to not trigger.

commit 014082245fbcdea49d4c2cad5debac0f1265d1d3
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-07T16:28:16Z

    CAMEL-6017: Allow to configure proxy host/port on component level instead of having to
do it on each endpoint.

commit 117257096b67ac5a9b54015ae05316834ca9a22a
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-07T16:46:50Z

    CAMEL-6825: client min/max threads uri options is internal in camel-jetty.

commit 78f0224d0debacf256065d8954632ae92dcf3b43
Author: Willem Jiang <>
Date:   2013-10-08T07:03:38Z

    CAMEL-6835 CamelBlueprintTestSupport should provide option of not generating test bundle

commit 2ebe220c306c3cc7fc10b80a839cbb873632f098
Author: Willem Jiang <>
Date:   2013-10-08T05:15:46Z

    CAMEL-6834 camel-restlet supports to send the Representation object back

commit b1a7eafe925b3dc3ff01b7feefdfe0fd971405a8
Author: Willem Jiang <>
Date:   2013-10-08T06:54:21Z

    CAMEL-6835 Polish the javadoc of CamelBlueprintTestSupport as Claus suggested

commit 4ac76aec4e6b411818e0596bef1367797faaaa82
Author: Willem Jiang <>
Date:   2013-10-09T03:39:47Z

    CAMEL-6841 xpath() method in the RouteBuilder should support to specify the return type

commit 22447cbb06759c9e109723bf68f5497578ae554c
Author: Willem Jiang <>
Date:   2013-10-09T03:47:37Z

    CAMEL-6842 XmlRpcDataFormat should support to access XmlRpcStreamRequestConfig and TypeFactory

commit 63c182b2ee38826ca8e7117ee913b46efbd95127
Author: Willem Jiang <>
Date:   2013-10-09T04:42:25Z

    CAMEL-6776 Added the missing test file

commit 3c310aadd0a4619dac030960438d3bbfe66b84f0
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-10T06:04:37Z

    CAMEL-6845: Using recipient list to a route that has no error handler should allow caller
route to trigger its error handler

commit d1125a9841792f3d1f6c9b382329f0c8942332ae
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-10T08:26:38Z

    CAMEL-6845: Using recipient list to a route that has no error handler should allow caller
route to trigger its error handler

commit 4e42d45ee1dbd6b02164ac31e7282923bf6450f5
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-10T08:34:28Z

    Ignore that pesky id_file in camel-hl7

commit 0fc5fbd2923edb405d6e3069d55cb66538b433e0
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-10T13:43:16Z

    Added unit test based on user forum issue

commit c7e1f3ebc445ccfd6696cf83c86b911b56204271
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-11T10:03:43Z

    CAMEL-6856: netty consumer using UDP should release the datagram channel factory

commit 4d2d91e304fd745926201356da9818337ef1eb8b
Author: Claus Ibsen <>
Date:   2013-10-11T11:44:48Z

    CAMEL-6853: Lower case a..f should be in uri character encorder. Thanks to Thomas Konstantinides
for the patch.



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