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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject [DISCUSS] - Plan for rest of 2017 and bigger goals for Apache Camel 2.21
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 11:04:31 GMT

Now that Camel 2.20 is released, then I think it would be good to put
out some overall goal of what we among others can/should work on for
the remainder of 2017 in terms of Apache Camel and the next release.

The next release is Apache Camel 2.21 which IMHO should provide these
bigger goals

Official Java 9 support.

We have already done great work in the 2.20 release to have it Java 9
as technical preview. But we should continue this work. For example we
should include the Java 9 automatic module names. See PR: However we should agree on
the naming convention to be used.

Spring Boot 2 support

We prepared for this in 2.20. Spring Boot 2 is expected to go GA later
this fall, and we should then be able to offer support for running
Camel on Spring Boot 2, and ideally also on Spring Boot 1 (for a
period of time). We did some experiment with this in the spring-boot2
branch. Its based on that work we should migrate over some commits and
ideally make the starter components work with both spring boot v1 and

Migrate all wiki documentation to ascii docs

We should finish migrating all the remainder documentation. As first
priority is the migrate the EIPs and then afterwards the rest of the
documentation. We may skip some documentation that has become
outdated, or if we find out its better to write some new documentation
from scratch - for example the error handler documentation could use a

Build new documentation.

Based on #3 we should be able to build a new documentation in html
which we can publish on the website. Build documentation in other
formats such as pdf, ebook is 2nd priority. The top priority is on our
own website as html.

Build new website.

In extension of #4 we should build up a new website. We could start
with maybe what the karaf team did, by creating a few fresh modern
looking pages for the front page and a few other pages. As ideally 98%
of the website should be the documentation (#4).

As part of this we should also use the new logo.

Continue on the new experimental APIs that was introduced in 2.20 for
health check, clustering and route controller.

The route-coverage tooling that I started, should be finished up and
include in the next release

Improve the spring boot auto configuration generated source code. We
have some tickets to make the -starter components better support some
more complex nested configuration classes and whatnot.

Usual stuff with new components, community contributions, bug fixes,
and what else people feel like.

Deprecate more components and other artifact when they are using EOL
or very old libraries. We have a bunch of components that are outdated
and in preparation for Camel 3.x we should start to deprecate some
more of them, so its easier to remove them in the future.

Claus Ibsen
----------------- @davsclaus
Camel in Action 2:

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