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From Pascal Schumacher <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT] - When you merge github PRs
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2017 19:47:25 GMT
Am 14.10.2017 um 16:17 schrieb Alex Dettinger:
> Hi,
> Thanks for precisions. When I previously merged a PR
> <>. I've done:
>       git pull boxedParsing
> So next time, I'll also run git pull --rebase afterward.
> Apart from that, I've noticed that the merge on master ended up with a
> commit indication that:
>       "BruceKuiLiu committed 22 hours ago".
> Whereas, the same commit cherry-picked from master to camel-2.20.x shows:
>       "BruceKuiLiu committed *with aldettinger* 22 hours ago".
> So, will I have the "committed with" indication on master too next time
> thanks to git pull --rebase ?
> Or is there anything else I'm missing ?

As far as I know "committed with" is displayed on github when the author 
and the commiter of the commit are different. Here BruceKuiLiu is the 
author and you are the committer. Git adds you as the commiter when you 
cherry-pick a commit, so I guess you cherry-picked the commit in the branch.


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