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From Luca Burgazzoli <>
Subject [HEADS UP] Camel clustering bits
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2017 09:36:41 GMT

I've been working on CAMEL-11362 to create a leader election service
in recent times and I've ended up with some initial bits of a
potential clustering service for Camel [1].

So fare there are a few simple interfaces:
- CamelClusterService
- CamelClusterView
- CamelClusterMember

The CamelClusterService is just a regular camel service and is
responsible to create views of the cluster; a view is like a "group"
with its own set of resources like a leader/services/etc and i.e.
broadcast of messages should not go beyond its borders, etc; how the
view is mapped then depends on the underlying technology used so it
can be a group in atomix/jgroups, a path in zk/etcd, a map in
hazelcast/infinispan, etc.

As today the View API is limited to leader election and topology
events (member joining/leaving the view) and I've build a generic
RoutePolicy and RoutePolicyFactory on top of them [2][3]. A future
work may be to add support for service discovery, load balancing ad

I also started the implementation of camel-atomix based on the project which offers some easy to use APIs for distributed
systems so an implementation of the API can be found here [4] and a
test here [5].

Feedback is very welcome.


Luca Burgazzoli

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