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From Luca Burgazzoli <>
Subject Undertow uri syntax
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2017 06:33:25 GMT

I've recently worked on some examples related to the service-call eip
using undertow as underlying component to see how complex is to go
beyond the defaults and it worked nice, the only downside is that you
cannot simply swap the component as undertow expect also the protocol
(http/https) to be provided in the uri syntax:


When using component like camel-http or camel-http4 the scheme is not
needed which make the integration with the service-call eip much

So I'm wondering if it could make sense to let camel-undertow also to
handle uri like:



- by default the scheme is http
- https can be derived by the port number or presence of the ssl options
- of course one can set the full uri as today

As I do not know camel-undertow in depth I may have missed something
so any feedback would be appreciated.

Luca Burgazzoli

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