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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: Camel 2.19 Roadmap
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2017 09:06:52 GMT

12) Version information for components

I logged a ticket

Its been something we should have done a long time back ;) But it
would be good to know when components was added to Camel.

So if anyone have bash + git ninja skills and can hack a script that
can find this out, then it would be cool.

An alternative is to do some java code with jgit or something, but if
we get the versions included once, then we can maintain that manually
in the future.

We can then also include that information in the documentation from
the tooling so we dont have to add that ** Available from XXX **
manually anymore.

On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 10:28 AM, Claus Ibsen <> wrote:
> Hi
> There is a bunch of stuff which we can/should have on the roadmap to
> complete for the Camel 2.19 release.
> Here is on top of my head
> 1)
> Finish migrating the wiki documentation to adoc files. I think its
> most of the EIP patterns that are missing. There is a basic list of
> EIPs here:
> 2)
> Generate documentation and website. Maybe documentation first and then
> we come up with a modern website later - when we have a new logo as
> well.
> 3)
> Mark more stuff to @deprecate so we dont drag them into Camel 3.0.
> This is both components / and other artifacts.
> And as well the camel-core APIs where there is maybe more we can deprecate.
> For example the old stuff that was created prior to the component docs
> we do now with the apt plugin at build time instead of this old code
> with runtime that dont really pan out anyway.
> 4)
> Move spring-boot starters into the platforms folder. There is a ticket
> about this.
> 5)
> More improvements to spring boot auto configuration. We have a bunch
> of tickets on that.
> 6)
> Look at the health check API and see if there is something we can get
> started on.
> Possible some API to integrate with spring boot actuators (when using
> SB) and allow each component to provide their own checks so they can
> be implemented ad-hoc. There is a ticket about this.
> 7)
> Possible some more teaks to camel-catalog based on feedback from IDEA
> plugin and the maven validate goal.
> 8)
> That CDI JEE transaction PR on github.
> Ideally we would have had a transaction API in camel-core and then one
> impl for camel-spring, and then another for camel-cdi-jee. But that
> may require too much work.
> 9)
> Work on the Java 8 DSL such as get more community feedback, and then
> resolve the TODOs with the documentation updates and look into other
> areas where the API can benefit from Java 8 lambdas and whatnot. I
> dont think we have a ticket about this.
> 10)
> Karaf users may want to improve/finish up the camel-test-karaf module
> so its more usable and end users can use it to test integration tests
> with Camel and Karaf.
> 11)
> Introduce Camel Connectors (more about this later)
> Anything else?
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