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From sekaijin <>
Subject Mongo Java driver 3 and mongodb component
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2016 20:02:41 GMT

The mongodb driver has changed in its foundation.
It is recommended not to use many classes of the verion 2 still present in
the driver.
This is the case with DBObject, which is the basis for the configuration of
the camel component.

I'm working on the evolution of this component to use the new classes of
version 3, like "Document".

In the camel component configuration an option is outputType which is
implemented as a MongoDbOutputType enumeration
The values ​​are DBObjectList, DBObject, DBCursor which matches in the new
API to List<Document>, Document, MongoIterable

I do not know what to do. This confirmation is purely camel
I can keep the enumeration values ​​and use the new classes
Or define three new values (DocumentList, Document, MongoIterable) ​​and
using the new classes.

In the first case the values ​​of the option does not have a name to refer
to the mongo API but remains compatible with the previous versions of
In the second the values ​​correspond to the mongo API but are no longer
compatible with the previous versions.


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