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From kchrs <>
Subject FTP Camel Unzipping functionality not present
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2016 13:50:17 GMT

I am working on a project that I have to send binary (kind of large) files
programmatically to another server and I chose to use camel ftp component
(end to end). I also use the zip and the aggregation functionality that
comes with and send them over to the other end point (server). My problem is
while unzipping the files using the code as described here.
<>  . 

The unzipping functionality described in the above link do not work. 

The below code snippet which supposingly unzips the files is not working due
to the fact that UnZippedMessageProcessor class is not present in camel core
library (the article specifies that this functionlity is included). 

  .split(new ZipSplitter())
     .process(new UnZippedMessageProcessor())

The required (zip) pom dependency is also included. I am using camel version
2.18.0 and you mention on that page that zip functionality is "Available
since Camel 2.11.0". It looks like something is missing





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