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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: Improving async camel capabilities
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2016 15:01:10 GMT

You have caught us in the summer holiday breaks where not as much happens.
Also we are focusing mostly on the next 2.18 release to get the bits
in the code, so we can get a release out after the summer break.

Your ideas are good. The netty4 would be good to find sports that can
be improved.

For some of the API changes to Java8 stuff then that is best for Camel
3.0, as 2.x is api compatible for users to have an easy upgrade path.
But Camel 2.18 is the first to have Java8 as minimum so new features
can use Java 8 apis, but existing APIs should primary stay as-is.

I suggest to get in touch again when Camel 2.18 is released or a bit
before where we come back and start to think about the upcoming

Sorry for the late response, but there is many emails for some of us
to walk through.

And just to be sure. We love contributions - we are not always
replying emails all day long, and then with a mailbox full then some
mails get out of page 1.

On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Vitalii Tymchyshyn <> wrote:
> Hi.
> I am looking into improving async non-blocking camel capabilities. Few days
> ago I wrote a detailed e-mail, but got no answer, not sure if it got
> through
> In short, I can see next areas:
>  * async bean language
>  * integration with j8 CompletableFuture
>  * making netty4 fully non-blocking
>  * switch to async api in DefaultProducerTemplate
> Will be grateful for any feedback as I want to be aligned with the current
> plans in the area.
> Best regards, Vitalii Tymchyshyn

Claus Ibsen
----------------- @davsclaus
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