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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject Re: Expand spring import ranges...
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2016 16:34:08 GMT
Hi Dan,


It sounds good to me, and will avoid to install multiple spring versions 
when not required.


On 2016-07-20 18:59 (+0200), Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
> I%u2019m looking at the message that was posted to the users list:>
> along with some internal tests and am pretty sure that with 2.17.x, there isn%u2019t
really a way to get CXF and Camel working well together within Karaf.   Even with a minor
fix to the camel-cxf-* imports that are needed to resolve the stuff in that message (CAMEL-10153),
you still end up with all kinds of issues, particularly if you DO try to use spring-dm.  
Most of the camel components (like camel-jms) are set to import spring stuff using "[4.1,5)%u201D
which forces the 4.1 versions of spring to be installed.  However, if you do decide to use
spring-dm, you pull in 3.2.x as well which results in two versions of spring.  Some stuff
ends up using 3.x, some stuff 4.x.   >
> On 2.17.x, I%u2019d like to extend the ranges for the imports for the stuff that CAN
use 3.2.x to be "[3.2,5)%u201D.   I%u2019d need to verify the components that use spring to
see if they can still work with 3.x but there aren%u2019t that many of them.    >
> Thoughts?>
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Jean-Baptiste Onofré
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