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From Bilgin Ibryam <>
Subject Re: New camel-hystrix component
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2016 10:19:30 GMT
Hi chaps,

I'm also not very happy with the way endpointId are part of the
hystrix URL but that was the only non-intrusive way I manged to
implement it atm. Keep in mind that we want both Java and XML dsl
solution. So if you have any ideas to make it easier to use, feel free
to work on it. I won't have bandwidth to improve it further in near

The previous time when I implemented the circuit breaker, the most
appropriate location I found end up being the load balancer. It did
nicely fit there, bit I think it is still not natural to say that CB
is a LB strategy.

This time I decided to use a component as I think hystrix is only one
implementation of CB.

In addition, hystrix does not implement only CB, but more and more
things, which I find confusing. It does bulkheading (which is fine),
but also request collapsing, and also caching.
For something like request collapsing, the more natural way would be
to have aggregator in Camel, and for the caching it would be better if
we had caching DSL with various implementations (very importantly:
distributed cache).

I think for CB we need a new EIP, and not LB and a component. Hystrix
can be an implementation of the EIP. And it might be better if the
caching, request collapsing concepts are not mixed with the CB EIP.


On 6 April 2016 at 07:43, Claus Ibsen <> wrote:
> There is some pros with being an endpoint configuration only, as it
> can make it easy for tooling and some developers to use it (when they
> are used to configure uris, and just use from -> to -> to etc). I
> guess the bit unusual part is that you refer to endpoint by id's which
> is not so commonly in use by Camel.
> You could also have CB as a kind of error handler, aka onException,
> but have it as onCircuitBreaker, where you can setup those breaker
> configs and fallback routes / endpoint etc. And whether to use a
> fallback or reject or whatnot.
> Just a quick pseudo code / braindump
> <onCurcuitBreaker threshold="2" halfOpenAfter="1000">
>    <exception>IOException</exception>
>    <to uri="bean:fallbackStuff"/>
> </onCurcuitBreaker>
> On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 6:07 PM, Preben.Asmussen <> wrote:
>> Hi bibryam
>> At first glance it looks a bit intrusive when the usual endpoints are
>> 'wrapped' in the hystrix endpoint.
>> Could it be something like -> psudo code
>> <camelContext id="hystrix-producer"
>> xmlns="">
>>         <hystrix>
>>            <from=&quot;run&quot;/>
>>            <fallback=&quot;http4://;/>
>>             .............. other options
>>         </hystrix>
>>         <route>
>>           <from
>> uri="timer://local?fixedRate=true&amp;period=50&amp;repeatCount=5"/>
>>           <to id="run" uri="http4://localhost"/>
>>           <to uri="log:hystrix?level=INFO&amp;showHeaders=true"/>
>>       </route>
>>   </camelContext>
>> /Preben
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