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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] - Thoughts on Apache Camel 2.18 and towards 3.0
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 14:02:29 GMT
On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 1:12 PM, Gnanaguru S <> wrote:
> Guys,
> These are some of the feature, I wish to see in upcoming camel versions. It
> would be useful to have.
> 1. Timeout option in a internal synchronous endpoint - we very much use
> camel for orchestration layer. In a use case where many downstream
> routes/endpoints are called synchronously, I would like to have a direct:
> endpoint which has a timeout. So that I can timeout a call to some
> particular downstream route, handle the exception and proceed to the next
> step. In fact this option is already there with seda: endpoint, but I wont
> prefer to use seda: for synchronous flow. Also I can use internal JMS
> endpoints between routes to achieve this, but sometimes using JMS for
> internal transaction is heavy.
> 2. Improved/Sophisticated xmljson component.
> 3. Improved/even Simpler exception handling.
> 4. Native Camel transformation component, I am bit obsessed with XSLT. So I
> was thinking, why dont camel   incorporate something like xslt: internally.
> like Camel transformer component ? Something better than XSLT component,
> something very camelish. ;)
> 5. Better CXF configurations, for example configuring timeout for a cxf
> consumer and producer endpoint is not that straight forward like jetty /
> http(4) components.
> 6. Better/Improved unit testing, Camel test support is great, like
> AdviceWith & Mock endpoints. But some of their methods have issues, I am
> seeing latest camel versions have lot of fixes, but I think some more
> features can be introduced. For example, if I want send a sample XML as a
> request, I dont want to use a IOUtil or a File reader to load the file and
> then to a string and then pass it to a producer template, instead it will be
> easier if there is a something called as mockRequest. May be there are
> better options already, please ignore my ignorance here ;)

You can send a as the message body in the producer template.

> 7.  JSON validator. XML XSD validation is nice and straight forward, but it
> will be great if we have something similar for JSON as well. like
> to:json-validator:classpath/response.json
> 8. Ability to load a route context directly to a unit test case
> These are some aspects I could think of at the moment, I will try to add
> more. But please ignore if some of these ideas sounds silly ;)
> Happy long weekend !
> Cheers
> Guru
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